Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TCP: For the Entire Family

Andrea is still too young to watch movies with us. I choose this movie as "For the Entire Family" movie because we let our friend's kids (ages 10 and below) watched it with us. This is really a very inspiring movie.

The Secret Garden
Young Mary Lennox is orphaned by an earthquake in India and sent to England to live with her uncle in a cold ancestral manor in Yorkshire. Mary briefly meets him, still mourning for the wife who died ten years ago, but she is mostly left on her own. A resourceful and inquisitive girl, she soon makes two exciting discoveries. First she finds an overgrown secret garden, the favourite of her aunt and locked up since her death. Second, that she has a cousin, Colin, a sickly lad who has been told he must remain in bed out of the daylight at all times. Once Mary and another new friend, local lad Dickon, have brought the garden back to life they decide Colin must see it, a decision that will change several lives.

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shydub said...

Paspasa mn nimu maka post mami lulu oi hehehe. ako intawn mura gibitok akong computer sge ka hang up. masakiton na siya. Nice movie bisag wala ko kita mura nindot mn imu review.

Bambie dear ★ said...

havent seen this yet pero nakapanood na ko ng play nito sa school namin..

Analou and Bones said...

I just watched the preview Lu and it is indeed very inspiring. I will put in my next list in Netflix so that I can watch it this week. Thanks for sharing it.

niko said...

napanood ko na to, and i love this film rin.. thanks for reminding me to watch this again with my fam :)

kikamz said...

i love this movie too mommy lu! very inspiring indeed. when sam is big enough to understand, i will make sure that we watch it together as a family. it teaches a lot of lessons.

thanks for joining this week. next week we will post about a Fantasy Adventure movie. happy TCP!

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