Friday, September 4, 2009

A Space for my Collection

I am a typical girl who collects different stuffs. I have a collection of clothes, shoes, purses, books, dvds and my favorite - angels! The space in our home is very limited because we are living in a two-bedroom apartment. With all the collection that I have, I need a solution to maximize the little space that we have. I need to buy slatwall hooks where I can hang all my purses and clothes.

This 5-Hook Square Waterfalls (which is 16" long and have 5 J-hook) maximizes our space and its usability. I can hang 5 purses in this, which means there will be less clutter in our closet. Because I own more than 5 purses, I need more than one (1) 5-Hook Square Waterfalls. M. Fried Store Fixtures, Inc. sells this product in a box of 25. I am planning to purchase one box because I can also use this 5-hook square waterfalls to hang my clothes. I think using slatwall hooks are the perfect solution in maximizing the closet space.

As for my angel collection, the Plexi Slatwall Flat Shelf with Lip will be perfect. This acrylic slatwall shelf can hold my small to medium sized angels. The Flat shelf has 1" lip to protect my porcelain angels from falling down - thus it will be safe to display them.


grace fancubit said...

nice.. my hubby got this opps. wondered why di pwidi blog ko..huhuhuhu

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