Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our Favorite Dinner

One of the things that Dave and I have to adjust is our food preferences. I am used to eating fish, vegetables and rice while Dave is used to eating a lot of meat and potatoes. Since we got married, we made a compromise that whenever we try a new dish we have to tell each other if we like it or not. This is our way of finding out what type of food that we can both enjoy.

Steaks is one of our favorite dinner. I learned to make a very good steak and served it with mushroom and onion. We usually have a sumptuous meal during weekends because it is the time when we usually pamper ourselves with good eats. During weekends, we have enough time to marinade our steak before cooking to ensure that it will taste good.

The secret to having the most delectable steak is buying a certified USDA prime beef. The quality of the beef will affect the taste of your steak... its tenderness, juiciness, and flavor. One of our favorite cuts when it comes to steak is the T-bone. Most people love the filet mignon.

This labor day weekend, I am looking forward to our get together where there will be lots of food and of course we will be grilling steaks too! Nothing beats when friends get together, share a good laugh and enjoy sumptuous food.


Anonymous said...

hey!!! i love steaks too!! i am so jealous!!! hahaha

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