Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Movie Meme: School Days

Are you ready for an exciting movie meme? Join us every Monday at The Bumbles Blog. This week's theme is all about School.... The following are some of my favorites...

Pay It Forward
I love this movie even if it has a sad ending.

Finding Forrester
One of my favorite movies. I love Sean Connery.

Dead Poets Society
I always like Robin Williams

Billy Madison

Harry Potter Series
Well... I think it belongs to this because it is set in Hogwarts school right?

X-Men Series
This is also set in school with all the mutants... does this count?


Heather said...

Finding Forrester and DPS...excellent choices!

My post is HERE

maritz said...

i love pay it forward. The world would be a happy place to live if we will apply networking in doing good. di ba sis?

The Bumbles said...

Billy Madison! Forgot all about that one - totally fits the theme :0)

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