Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Movie Meme: Location (Alabama)

This week's movie meme is about regional representation. Of course, I have to list my favorite movies which are set in Alabama since that where I am from. On my last entry, I included a movie that is set in Philippines where I am originally from.

Please check The Bumbles Blog for this weeks entries.

Sweet Home Alabama
Melanie Carmichael (Reese Witherspoon), an up and rising fashion designer in New York, has gotten almost everything she wished for since she was little. She has a great career and the JFK-like husband of New York City. But when he proposes to her, she doesn't forget about her family back down South - and, more importantly, her husband back there, who refuses to divorce her ever since she sent divorce paper for almost 5 years. To settle matters straight, she decides to go to the south quick and make him sign the papers. But when things don't turn out the way she planned them out, she realizes that what she had before in the south was far more perfect than the life she had in new york city.

Fried Green Tomatoes
Evelyn Couch is having trouble in her marriage, and no one seems to take her seriously. While in a nursing home visiting relatives, she meets Ninny Threadgoode, an outgoing old woman, who tells her the story of Idgie Threadgoode, a young woman in 1920's Alabama. Through Idgie's inspiring life, Evelyn learns to be more assertive and builds a lasting friendship of her own with Ninny

My Cousin Vinny
While heading for college, Bill and Stan are arrested in Alabama when circumstances point to them as having murdered a convenience store clerk. Unable to afford an attorney, they turn to Bill's cousin Vinny, a brash New Yorker who took six tries to pass his bar exam. Worse, until now he's only taken personal injury cases, none of which have gone to trial. Dragging along his even more abrasive fiancee Mona Lisa Vito, Vinny will have to straighten up fast, and keep out of jail himself, if he's going to win the case.

Big Fish
Edward Bloom (Albert Finney)has been a storyteller his whole life, and he has told and retold these colorful stories to his son, Will (Billy Crudup) with embellishments. The son doesn't know who his father really is, and he hasn't spoken to his father for years. His mother (Jessica Lange) calls him in Paris that his father is dying. Will, with his new wife, flies home to his father's deathbed to make things right. Edward does the one thing he loves, and tells his tall-tales about a big cat-fish, a giant, a witch, conjoined-twins, the circus, how he met his wife, and the birth of Will. Will doesn't know when his father was telling the truth or crossing into fantasy, and in the end, Will becomes the storyteller. (This movie is shot mostly in Alabama)

An Officer and a Gentleman
Zack Mayo is a loner who has never had to rely on anyone but himself. As a child, he was sent to live with his father, a career Navy man based in the Philippines, after his mother commits suicide. There he soon realized that he had to be tough and rely on no one. After graduating from college, he shocks his father by telling that he has enlisted in the Navy and will enter training as a naval aviator. There he brings the same loner attitude he has had all of his life. He does however meet Paula, an attractive young woman who often attends base functions in the hope of nabbing a young officer and Sid Worley, a classmate with whom he forms a close bond. The training is difficult but not as tough as having to deal with their training officer, Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley who teaches Zack a lesson in the importance of relying on your friends and colleagues.

NOTE: I am from Philippines that is why I have to include this on my list.


shydub said...

Sus ka busy sa inahan oi nag movie marathon naman sd ni siya
i love the sweet home alabama nga movie. abi nku gikapoy ug pangisda.heheh

Cecile said...

i have seen these movies and they are all good movies I will never get tired watching...

The Bumbles said...

Oh wow - I love all of those - except I haven't seen Sweet Home Alabama yet. I'm looking forward to reading Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe soon - I haven't seen the movie in a while.

pehpot said...

of all here ang napanood kolang ata e ung big fish.. at gustong gusto ko sya ;)

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