Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Movie Meme: The Good Old Days

This week's theme of Monday Movie Meme is somewhat hard on me because I can't really relate on this.

You see, I grew up in a small town in the Philippines where a lot doesn't even have electricity in the common households. I admit, we had our electricity when I was 15 years old. We didn't own a television set until few years later.

When it comes to favorite movies during my childhood years, I can't name anything because I never had access to movies during my childhood years.

My filipino readers can understand that most of us in the Philippines are addicted to different television series. As far as I can remember, I watched teleseries at my neighbor's house (who was well off and owns the only television in our place when I was like 10 years old or younger). I know I got addicted to "Agila" and "Mara Clara". These are famous teleseries in the Philippines. As years passed by, there were so many teleseries in different TV channels that I lost count of it.

Anyway, besides the teleseries, most of the people in our place are into radio programs (drama programs). I admit, we spend most of our nights listening to radio dramas before bedtime. We listened to "Kulafu" and most of "Teban and Goliath's radio dramas".

This is my share of the "good old days". If you want to know some of the good old days favorites of this meme, please visit The Bumbles Blog.


Dhemz said...

woi...ako pod adik kaau ko sa Mara Clara.....murag 3 y/0 man siguro ko mami nga nagka kuryente me....unsaon nga layo raman me nagpuyo sa una..mau gani kay nibalhin me sa sentro....lisod ning nagdako ta sa baryo...usahay brownout pa dayon....lampara dayon...hehehe.....:) thanks for sharing....wara-wara sako!

shydub said...

waaaa iapil ang handumanan sa usa ka awit. sus asa nman to si goliat ug teban intawn oi nga mao ra kalipay sa atong baryo. Kami lulu ky black and white amo tv atong gamay titing pako hehehe sus mamayad intawn aron makatan aw mi salida sa amo silingan nga naa beta max. Dili jd to naku makalimtan ang Endless love nga movie ni brook sheilds.

Sus intawn ang mara clara nga makahilak maglagot ka intawn. naa ra ba intawn namatay anang salidaha ky gi atake sa kasing kasing tinan aw sa teleseries.

Naa na hinuon mi korente ky nagtubo mn sa pineapple place, nga americans pa ang nag manage before so free house, electricity and water. nya free sd school bus. Pero ka experience sd ko anang mag brown out, bagyo, nya usahay walay tubig adto sa sapa manglaba hehehehe. haaay reminiscing the past ko dri sa imung post lulu da, thanks for sharing. vavaosh mi amigas, time for me to wara wara sunod ko tsang dhemz.

The Bumbles said...

Lulu - thanks for sharing your childhood experience! It would have been easy for you to just skip participating feeling it didn't apply - but instead you provided me with an insight into you. That's what it is all about. The radio was such a big part of my childhood too. Movies were a super special treat. These days they are a dime a dozen. The rareness of them was what the experience special. I'm sure you felt the same the first time you got to see one for yourself, regardless of your age at the time.

Dhemz said...

hahhaha..muot ko sa comment ni tsang...grabi nga litanya woi...hehehe...joke!

agi ko dire mami before hitting the hay....mwah!

agoy ang word verification dire kay "belilat"...hapit man ni ma!

Chris said...

i dont have a post for today's theme as well.. couldnt think of any!

have a tag for you here r

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