Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Fill-ins #8


Graphic courtesy of Tonya! we go!

1. That's a perfect spot to be.

2. Why are you looking in different direction; I'm over here!

3. The possibilities include: working in the medical field.

4. Black bean soup is one of my favorite cool day recipes.

5. How will you know if he is the right one for you ( I just know!).

6. Gloomy day and a stormy sky.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to our movie marathon, tomorrow my plans include going to the car shop for a new break pads for our car, which I am not looking forward to but it needs to be done and Sunday, I want to go pond fishing (I hope!!!) !

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Anonymous said...

great answers. i played this week too.

shydub said...

Gitubag mn dayon, sometimes so hard to know if he/she the right person for you. sus dili na jd ni mabangbang mag medical na jd ni siya, i hire nya ko bisag assistant lng lulu. Mag fishing na sd mo woooow i hope naa na mataga nga iho or buaya.

Dhemz said...

hahahha...ako pod mami..apply pod dayon ko....:)

agoy another movie marathon napod diay tawon....pond fishing diay mo mami? hahaha...shuang ni si tsang kay buaya man jud....:)

hopeful said...

Hay na absent nsad ko ani nga meme. Mommy Lu dghana ug kuha nga isda ha aron ato buwaron...hehehe

amae d said...

i love movie marathons!

my fill-ins are here

good luck on your medical move!

Diana_CT said...

That sounds like a fun thing to do today, have your brake pads changed ;-)

Clarissa said...

Important din mag-change ng brake pads and going into pond fishing is really fun!!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Have a nice weekend, Lulu. :)

Marites said...

black bean soup? haven't tasted that yet. would like to try that:) bisaya ka? :) My fill-ins are here.

Jac said...

Cute ng answer mo sis :p pano mag join d2 lol...

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