Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Family Get-Away

Dave and I love to travel. If only we have enough budget, we will be traveling all the time... we will be trotting around the globe while our little girl is not yet in school.

Planning a perfect family get away needs time. It is important to make sure that everything is well taken cared of. Before planning a trip it is important to consider the budget, what type of activities you want and how do you want your get away to be.

I found a good article on how to find a perfect holiday home. This article discusses a lot of traveling tips and how to choose a family home for your vacation. We all know that choosing the right place to stay during your holiday vacation is an important factor to have a memorable vacation. I am sure you don't want to be stuck in a place you don't want to be in. Thus, it is important to research and choose a good place to stay during your vacation because home rental constitutes a big chunk of your vacation budget.

I always believed that a well-planned vacation is worry-free. Anyway, Thanksgiving and Christmas season is around the corner. This is the perfect time to plan your holiday vacation because during those days working people will be free from work so it will be good to have a family get-away.

I remember that last year Dave and I went to Athens, Georgia for a weekend get-away. It was more than 5 hours drive from our place but I enjoyed the drive because I saw different things on the way to our destination. I even saw a lot of stylish billboards. I wonder what will be the criteria in creating poster advertising. Hmmm just a thought!


Dhemz said...

agoy ka busy sa life woi...hehehhe!

buhi man jud ang kalag basta naa opps....joke!

woi mami, thanks for buzzing me about sa opp...tawon ba goryo akong g paghimo atong branson...wa man diay g follow sa reqs...nyahahha.....ako nalang g edit woi...busy man jud ko himo assignment....thanks again mami....

hahhaha....namuot ko sa ingon ni mami kat kay magpada daw ka ug mangosten...tawon balamang...pag abot ana sa alabama lata!

lagi woi, hapit na me ani mag uli..wala pakoy mga pasalubong...wala man jud! mga 2nd week me ata sa january puhon.....shuang man ka lagi woi...2050 man jud...daghan naka ani apo sa!

hala sige, agi ko dire kadali kay wara wara sako...mwah!

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