Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Easy and Secure File Transfer

One of the most common problems when working in a company where there are couple of employees is delegating certain works to certain employee. When you delegate somebody to do something, you need to share files. Transferring files can take a lot of time. To eliminate wasted hours in managing file transfer, Group Logic has developed a software called MassTransit which is use to secure transfer files. This will allow employees to quickly and easily share files. MassTransit supports several transfer protocols and it provides real time alerts and notification to let the sender and receiver know the status of the transferred file.

MassTransit is the solution to everything you need in a Secure FTP Server.


klivengood said...

naa na diay mass transit ron..adtong nag work pa ko kay i-fax tawon kung naay mangayo ug files hahaha. high tech na jud ron no??

Anne said...

Mami, this is great info. Will try to dig more on this. Agoy safe na a bucks ni mami lu... hehe!

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