Thursday, August 13, 2009

Swine Flu: 10 Don'ts

I was reading this article at WebMD and I think this is worth sharing.

Swine Flu news is not in the headlines anymore although there are still many cases out there. There were recorded deaths and hospitalizations due to swine flu. The swine flu virus is not gone. Some believe that it may pick up steam during the usual flu season -- and it could worsen.

Here are 10 swine flu "don'ts" -- things not to do for swine flu prevention.
  1. Don't expect seasonal flu vaccination to prevent swine flu.
    The seasonal flu vaccine doesn't protect against swine flu. Scientists are working on a swine flu vaccine, but that will be a separate vaccination.

  2. Don't count on a face mask to prevent swine flu infection.
    According to the CDC, it's not clear how effective face masks are at preventing the transmission of the H1N1 or seasonal influenza viruses. The same is true for respirators worn snugly over the face as filters.

  3. Don't hold or attend a swine flu party.
    The guest of honor at a swine flu party is someone who's got swine flu. The point is for other guests to catch the virus in the hopes that they'll have a mild illness and gain immunity so that they won't get sick if the H1N1 virus worsens.

  4. Don't neglect planning.
    Remember all those swine flu school closings last spring? That could happen again when the new school year starts. So now's the time for parents to plan how they would handle a child's school closing for several days or weeks.

  5. Don't forget to clean up.
    Flu viruses can linger on books, toys, countertops, doorknobs, phones, linens, eating utensils, and other objects. Use a household disinfectant, following the directions on the products' label.

  6. Don't get complacent.
    Don't shrug off swine flu precautions. The H1N1 swine flu virus is still around, and the CDC expects more hospitalizations and more deaths from the swine flu virus.

  7. Don't panic.
    Swine flu is a pandemic, but so far, it's been a "moderate" pandemic, according to WHO Director Margaret Chan, MD.

  8. Don't leave home if you've got flu-like symptoms.
    Those symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills, and fatigue; diarrhea and vomiting may also be symptoms of swine flu.

  9. Don't rush to the emergency room unless you have certain symptoms.
    The CDC urges people to seek emergency medical care for a sick child with any of these symptoms:
    * Fast breathing or trouble breathing
    * Bluish or gray skin color
    * Not drinking enough fluids
    * Severe or persistent vomiting

  10. If you're a parent, don't forget to teach your kids swine flu prevention.
    Children need to do the same things as adults -- stay home when sick, avoid sick people, cough and sneeze into a tissue, and wash their hands.


Cacai M. said...

woi mareng.. suki pod diay mo ni WebMD.. ako banani nag-introduce nko ani did2 pa ko's Pinas.. nice bya jud xa noh.. informational!

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