Friday, August 21, 2009

My Dad.... A Carpenter!

I grew up looking up at how good dad was in terms of carpentry. I remember that his services was sought after by neighbors and neighboring towns because he always did his job with passion. Carpentry was not dad's only source of living. Besides carpentry, he was also a farmer. Farming comes first because that was our main source of living. During the months that we are waiting to harvest our rice field, my father would work as a carpenter.

I remember that he had a complete set of carpentry tools. He owned different handheld saws that he diligently sharpened manually. He owned hand tools such as hammers, chisels, smoothing planes, levels, tape measure, crow bar, rulers and more. All the carpentry tools that dad owned was placed in a big wooden box and all the kids are not allowed to use any of the tools without his permission. When dad went to work, he just pick a certain tool that he will need and put it in his rugged looking bag. Remember it now makes me wish that dad had a tool box, because it would have been easier on his part.

Anyway, dad has retired from working few years ago. He stopped farming and doing carpentry jobs. We didn't allow him to work anymore because he is getting old already and besides we can all take care of their needs now.


Anne said...

Mami lu, your tatay need to stop na jud sa work nya. Your there na to support them all the way. Bitaw mami, looy sad if mga tigulang na diba? Super bait jud ning akong mamzi oi... keep it up!

Momma Bams said...

wow your father was a hardworking man during his younger days.. mas maganda nga lay low na muna sya ng konti although its not bad naman to continue his carpentry as hobby lang. Happy weekends

Analou and Bones said...

My dad is also a carpenter Lu. He had a lot of customers because not only he is a good carpenter but also he works so fast. He is almost in his 60s and we wanted him to stop working and just enjoy life because we can take good care of him. But he went to another path. He has a girlfriend the day I first came here in the US and that was Dec. 8, 2006. He still does carpentry but all his money just goes to his woman. I am not really opposing about it, what makes me sad is that, I wanted him to stop working and enjoy life but he can't do that because his girlfriend has 2 or 3 kids and she has no job. I don't like that girl also because he told all our neighbors that her house looks nicer now because of her own money wherein everybody knows that she has no job. Since we don't like her because of her bad attitude, she told everybody that, we (my father's children) are "matapobre". If only we, me and my sister did not marry to a foreigner we are like her, cannot eat 3 times a day. How come we can't eat 3 times a day, I am a manager at a pawnshop and I earned almost 8,000 pesos a month and I am single at that time. I really don't like her at all. Many may said, I am selfish but I think my father deserves someone better than her.

I am sorry Lu for this long message...and it's about just makes me sad...sad because I want my father to be happy. He might be happy now with his gf but I am not positive for his future..That girl is also a prosti...She should not be mataray, instead she would try to win our hearts and sympathy and if that's the case I try my best to like her no matter what's her past.

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