Friday, August 7, 2009

Mommy Moments: Part of the Family

mommy moments

This week's theme is about being part of the family. Besides me and Dave, Andrea has her grandparents and cousins in both sides that are all crazy about her.

Here are some of the photos:

With Papa Dan and Nana

With Sister Mischa

With cousin Rachel and Kelly

With Auntie Menmen

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Dhemz said...

woww! lovely photos....mura mo ug triplets sa last pic mami Lu...ka mga beauty ba kaau!

Dorothy L said... nice to see your very loving family.
It is very important tha a child feel a lot of love. It is that love that will strengthen their resolve in dealing with the challenges of life.

klivengood said...

ka cute jud ni Andrea Lu. maayo man jud pagka drawing..hehehe. no wonder kung ang mga cousins etc love-love na sya. dad-a na diri sa akoa kay ako ng ingkiton...talap-talap..hahaha

a49erfangirl said...

All fantastic pictures.

Cacai M. said...

agoy ka-cute ba diay sa imong eyes mOmilu og ang dimple dha^... cutie!

Chris said...

its really great that Andrea has lots of people around her who loves her!

Momma Bams said...

no wonder why they are crazy over her =) she's such a cutie and adorable babe

Glenda said...

ang sarap kuritin sa pisngi si baby mo ate... ang cuuuuuuutee! hehehe

amiable amy said...

oHh...miss the face of Andrea talaga...gawa kapa ha LOL sayang ang lahi eh...LOL

anyway, just checking your latest posts...have a good weekend girl

shydub said...

Ahhhh nice jud ning naa ta parenti nga nice sd sa always there for us. Unsay tawag sa older sister ni andre sa imu lulu? does she call you mommy sd? Love the photos mami lu thanks for sharing. Karon pko naka bisita sa mga mommy moments absent ko gahapon ug fri.

Enchie said...

you have a very cool family. you're blessed with great in-laws :)

Jona said...

cutie girl. she's got lots of her looks from you.

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