Monday, August 31, 2009

It's All About Football!

I can't wait for the football season to start because I can't wait to cheer for my favorite NFL team - the Pittsburgh Steelers. I am a big fan of Steelers because I am impressed with their defense. Of course, they have the heart of a champion too!

During the preseason games, Steeler performed okay. On their game against Arizona Cardinals they won by 10 points, the game against Buffalo Bills, they won by 17 points. Sadly, they lost against Washington Redskins. Their last pre-season game will be against Carolina Panthers. Regular season will start on September 10 and I hope that Steelers will performed better.

I am not only updated with Pittsburgh Steelers but I am also updated with other players and other teams because I am managing my own football fantasy team, for the first time. I have to be updated with the players' stats in order to be able to compete with other players of football fantasy league.

Right now, I spend most of my free time browsing at WaiverWire because it provides me with player rankings, injury reports, news, updates and a lot more....

WaiverWire is a brand new site built for fantasy football players. It has everything you need to win your football fantasy league. Go check them out and sign up for their free Stimulus Package.



Cacai M. said...

yay! gibirahan nya akong Buffalo Bills! yikes! may the best men wins! whew!

The Bumbles said...

Can't wait! Got so excited we did a football post tonight - not any nice things to say about your Steelers though - sorry!

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