Monday, August 3, 2009

Glass Reinforced Plastic

For a layman, the most common word for Glass Reinforced Plastic is Fiberglass. Have you noticed those fiberglass that are used in almost every industry? Those fiberglass are moulded for use not only for interior decoration but for use in medical supplies and automotive.

In most architecture nowadays, they use a lot of fiberglass in designing a pretty building. In fact in your own home, you can opt to own a domestic furniture with the retro look of the 60's (refer to picture below). These kind of furniture makes use of the structural properties of Glass Reinforced Plastic.

Interested with the idea of putting fiberglass mouldings in your own home? Check Harviglass, one of best GRP manufacturers that provides imaginative and innovative solution and ideas in Reinforced Plastics. They have been the forefront of GRP moulding since the late 50's.


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