Thursday, August 6, 2009

Eye Doctor Appointment

I will have an eye doctor appointment tomorrow. This will be my annual eye exam. I have some problems with my eyes. The last time that I saw my eye doctor, he told me that I have some damage nerves in my right (or left... i dont eye. The cause can either be I was born with it or I had some eye injury when I was young. There will be no way of knowing it because I don't have records about it. I never had my eye examined in the Philippines although I know that I have problems because I can't see clearly.

Anyway, (2 years ago) I had no choice but to have my eye examined because I need prescription eye glasses before DMV gives me my Drivers Permit. I had my prescription eyeglasses but I am stubborn ( I know that!), I don't wear my eyeglasses all the time which I should.

Let's see what the doctor will say tomorrow!


Dhemz said...

agoy ang kagahi sa ulo...hehehehe! ako mami Lu kay gagamit nako ug salamin since when I was in high school....until now...pero reading glasses lang nuon...abi nako nag wear ka ug contact lens...pag lasik nalang para d na mag wear ug glasses...ehhehe!

Lulu said...

lasik jud ha? mag need man ta ug daghang att opps nga tag libo ana!

shydub said...

Oy naa d i ka prob sa mata lulu, na mao nani ma upat mn kha na kabuok tauran ka eye glasses, basta mga bright ug mata dali ra madaut hehehe. Sa blogvertise to akong zappo, gitagaan ko sa blogvertise aron para palit ug oitment ako almo hehehehehe ug diaper sd lol

Anonymous said...

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