Monday, August 17, 2009

Dining @ Jim 'n Nick's

Yesterday we went to dine at Jim 'n Nick's at Trussville. We were on our way to buy our groceries when we decided that we just eat out for dinner. The place was a little bit crowded because it was dinner time. Dave has been craving for Jim 'n Nick's ribs for 3 weeks already so we finally decided to dine there.

Here's Andrea trying to figure out if she order something for herself...

While waiting for our order, they served us with Sweet Corn Bread... very delicious!

We ordered a whole rack of baby back ribs with fries on the side.

We were not sure if the ribs will be enough so we ordered bbq sandwich which ended up in our to go box.

Andrea kissing the flowers outside the restaurant.

We had a great weekend. The food there was good. The ribs were good but Dan's ribs is still on top of the list.


klivengood said...

haguy..kalami sa rib..nahurot nyo Lu nga gamay lang mana kaon Andrea..haha. sus mura jud korek Andrea oi, pili pod sya ug iya, mura ra ba ug kabasa hahaha.

Salamat diay sa mga visits ug comments. karon kay murag whole day naa ko diri sa balay so maka blog hop jud ko ani ug insakto..sana lang dili mawala ang internet connection..hehe

manuslok pako sa tanan karon..hehe

Dhemz said...

woi, pagkatarong ba kaau sa dalaga..mura man makabalo mo basa...heheheh!

kalami sa inyo g order mami Lu woi....maau pa mo kay sige lang mo ug dine out.....:) pindot ko dire kadali..sauu ko matog ron kay kapoy ko sa chores...:)

Enchie said...

don't tell your husband, shhh...but your daughter looks a lot like you :D

Arlyna said...

Gotta love those ribs!!!

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