Monday, August 3, 2009

Dining @ El Cazador

Dave was in the mood for Mexican food yesterday so we end up dining at El Cazador. As usual Andrea was doing so good. She just love eating those chips... and she pretends that she is dipping it in the salsa or cheesedip.

When it comes to food, I never had problems with Andrea. She even give a big bite of the tacos. I hope I wont have problem with her when it comes to what to eat when she grows older.

Too bad though, I didn't bring my camera when we eat out. So no pictures of what we had and of course Andrea's famous pic with the menu! I would have love to have picture of Andrea in the outside fountain.. Andrea always like to look at any water fountain... Perhaps next time around...


Dhemz said...

nag mexican dindin diay mo Mami Lu....sos kami talagasa naman me mangaon sa gawas kay crisis na....nyahahhaha!

sige lang ug wala sure daghan pa ang next time....unsa man imo g order...hehehe

agi ko dire kadyot kay pahimo sa nako tong akong opp kay Greg.....wala ni andar akong utok ron....ehheheheh! pindot power...balik lang ko taod-taod

amiable amy said...

Galit pa rin ako girl hehehe. 5 months na kaya kinuha yung PR ko.LOL! Galit pero nakatawa pa rin. Hayy....Anyway, mas mabuti pa nga yung gawa ka ng bago, madali lang magka PR2 . Tapos nyan...fluctuate..Nyaahh...LOL

Thanks for the comments and messages. sleep tyt

Dana Telecom said...

Is The Mexican food spicy?

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