Thursday, August 27, 2009

Counting 1 to 10

Andrea had mastered counting 1 to 5 for a while now. Last week, I decided to teach her to count 1 to 10. I really didn't expect her to learn because she has difficulty saying "S"... I only counted 1 to 10 with her for a couple of times...

Last night as we were counting 1 to 5, I suddenly continued counting and to my surprise she knows it already! I didn't expect her to learn that fast... it really amazes me....

We tried counting again just to make sure that she really knows it... (hahaah why did I doubt it?) ... Anyway she really can count 1 to 10 now...

This is how we count...
I say 1... she says 2
I say 3... she says 4
I say 5... she says 6
I say 7... she says 8
I say 9... she says 10 (with a yehey in the end)
or we do this:
I say 1... she says 2
I say 2... she says 3
I say 3... she says 4
I say 4... she says 5
I say 5... she says 6
I say 6... she says 7
I say 7... she says 8
I say 8... she says 9
I say 9... she says 10 (of course with a yehey too!)

Anyway, I was just so amazed how fast she learned. What even more surprising is she did it just out of the blue!


Zephyr Girl said...

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Dhemz said...

oh my...what a cutie...hehehhe..sos ka bright sa time nasad learner!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

It is so nice to hear the achievement of your Anrea, Lulu. :)

teJan said... little one! advance!
congrats and godbless dear lulu and kisses to little andrea;)

shydub said...

Uyyy ka bright gd intawn ni andrea. Maayo ug math bataa naliwat sa inahan or should i say sa naghulma hehehehehe. Kamayo na d i na motabi si andrea lulu, sus akong jake tumoy pa mn sa words and malituk. and book boo, and cookie kie, and clap clap kaka hehehehe. Advance mn jud ni ang babaye sa vocabulary, but your andrea wow, nakakabilib tagae na ug awards mami. smart baby.

Tetcha Gregorio-Figuerres said...

It's truly amazing how kids today learn so fast. Before you know it, she'll be singing Barney songs to your heart's delight.

hopeful said...

Smart baby dah! How old is ur baby mommy Lu?

ray said...


gwapaleysyus said...

liwat na naho hahahah!

chubskulit said...

mabilis siguro talaga matuto ang girls hhehe.. how old na bga sya sis?

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