Monday, August 3, 2009

$1,000 Visa Gift Card Up for Grabs

In this hard times, who would not be interested in winning a $1,000 Visa Gift Card? This amount of money will surely go a long way. I am sure this can help our day to day expenses. Whenever there is a contest, I am definitely IN! Well, who knows I could be the lucky winner!

Are you interested on winning $1,000 visa gift card? It is very easy. CreditLoan is sponsoring a twitter contest. Joining this contest is very easy and quick because it will only take about 15 minutes. Can you imagine that? 15 minutes in exchange of a chance to win $1,000 bucks! Credit Loan will choose several winners so there are more chances of winning.

Here is the contest rules of the CreditLoan Twitter Contest.
  1. Follow CreditLoan in Twitter.
  2. Tweet this message: "Just entered the CreditLoan Visa Giftcard Giveaway. You can win by following @creditloan and retweeting."
The rules listed above is very easy. The winner of this contest will be announced as soon as CreditLoan reaches 10,000 Twitter followers. I am sure you don't want to miss this chance of winning a $1,000 gift card. Hurry up! Follow CreditLoan in Twitter at @creditloan and start retweeting. By following CreditLoan in twitter, you can start receiving CreditLoan's tweets. Who knows their next tweet will be your name announced as the winner of the contest. Join now and Good luck!



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