Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When Lightning Strikes....

Severe storms can impact your home and family in a wink of an eye. Your house is at greater risk if it is located on a hilltop or in a lightning-prone state. The following are easy steps to protect yourself and your family during a storm:

Avoid contact with water and plumbing.
Don't use corded phones while a storm is raging.

Stay away from entry doors and windows as well as exterior walls made of concrete, brick or tile.
Unplug electronics and appliances even those on surge protectors.
Disconnect any associated cable TV or phone lines.


klivengood said...

These were all true..great info..good job sis.

sus sorry jud kay wa ko ka blog hop for 2 days kay wa mi google diri, naa internet connection pero dili mo open ang mga websites..traffic, siguro kay MJ nga burial, whole world gamit ang comp.. so looy tawon mi diri kay usahay naa, usahay wala pero gahapon the whole day, wala jud.

Gracia said...

bloghop lang po!

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