Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Top EC Dropper (June)

I am once again expressing my gratitude to all my fellow bloggers and visitors that took their time to visit my blog. I would say my special thank you to those who frequently visit my blog and dropped their EC. Please continue visiting my blog as I will post new entries everyday. (Guys, I know June is just 30 days... I just copied this based on EC Stats)

Dropper # of drops
Tech-Blog 31
Hello Kitty Gifts 31
Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice 31 31
The Ad Master 31
Juliana's World 30
My Library 30
Learning Corner 30
MakesYouLaugh 30
Hip to be Mom 30


vhingF said...

sus!ko! how could
I be on the list I have day off every Sunday, then until I cannot log in -waaaahhh.They are mostly perfect attendance here.

klivengood said...

ay sus, wa jud ko kasakay dah!!! hahaha better luck next time...

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