Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tips When Driving in the Rain

Last weekend, we experienced a heavy down pour while on our way home from the grocery store. As I was looking at our car's windshield while the wiper is doing its job as fast as it can, I still could not see anything in the road. The rain was so heavy and was accompanied with heavy winds too. There was a couple of times that visibility was zero. We have to pull-over for our safety.

Driving in the rain is not the same as driving on dry roads and can be very dangerous, even deadly. All drivers should practice safety and precautions:
  • Drive slow.
  • Brake earlier and with less force.
  • Drive towards the middle of the road to avoid deep standing puddles.
  • Use your turn signals so that other drivers know your intentions.
  • Take turns and curves with less speed than you would in dry conditions.
  • Turn on your headlights, even when there's a light sprinkle. It will help your vision and other motorist to see you.
  • Watch out for pedestrians.
  • Defog your windows.
  • If it's raining so hard that you can't see the road or the car in front of you, pull over and wait it out.

3 comments: said...

hello Momi, maau kay mag-drive2x nmn diay ka dha.. ako tawon ni-expire nlng akong student permit waz pa ko kagunit manibela.. nyahahah.. pero okz rah ky dli pa mn jud nko gamit. Anyway, happy safe driving dha!

Liza said...

Great tips! Visiting you on a Wednesday morning. :)

Mommy's Little Corner

G.O.D said...

he he yan nga sabi ko kay hubby naku mukhang di yata ako mkakapag drive pag naulan mas ok wag na lumbas hirap nga

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