Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Safety Measures for Kids in Sports

Parents teach school-age children hundreds of safety lessons. But for kids who participate in sports, there are a few more extra precautions to help them protect their health and their well-being.

These are some of the key safety measures:
  • Conditioning. It is a good idea to have your family doctor review your child's fitness level. Although most teams require a physical before participation of any sports, some don't.
  • Hydration. Young bodies need regular fluid replenishment. Buy several water bottles and fill them before kids leave the house. Remind the kids to drink water regularly throughout the day. You can also bring a bottle of water when picking up your kids.
  • Nutrition. Make sure your child gets three balanced meals and plenty of healthy snacks, even on days without practices or games.
  • Equipment. Protective gear is a must. A helmet, pads or face mask may be burdensome but it is necessary.
  • Injury prevention / treatment. Carry your own first aid kit. Even better, take first-aid and CPR classes to help in emergency situations.


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