Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My First Love

I was in love with Reading during my teen years. I started reading pocketbooks when I was in highschool. At first, I read tagalog pocketbooks but then I got bored with it. I found the stories almost the same and most often than not, I can always tell what will happen. I then decided to read English pocketbooks. I know I started with those Harlequin Romance and Mills and Boons (?). After I got used to reading english pocketbooks, I started reading thicker ones.... I read a lot of Dannielle Steel... then I ventured on reading suspense novels and that's when I got hooked. I read a lot of suspense novels that I lost count of how many novels I have read. I remember there were so many sleepless nights because I read a lot... I even remembered the feeling of like floating in the air due to lack of sleep for consecutive days. I sometimes sleep less than 3 hours just because if I started reading I couldn't stop, there is no use of trying to sleep because all the characters are still active in my mind... they somehow continues to play their role in my mind.

When I started working in Manila, I indulged myself with buying the books I want to read. I often scout for books in the second hand store (booksale), and I never fail to buy books when National Bookstore will have their Annual Sale. I was hooked to reading that I read anything that interests me. I read cover to cover of reader's digest, inspirational magazines, and books. Reading became my passion. I spent weekends in bed just laying there and read... I just get up to eat then get back to reading again. When I am on my "reading spell" everybody knows that I am not to be disturbed as I like reading in silence.

Anyway, I have read most or almost all books written by Mary Higgins Clark, Sue Grafton, Richard North Patterson, John Grisham, Sidney Sheldon to name a few.

What triggers me to write about reading???? Well... after a long time, I am back to reading... I am presently reading a good book which I hope to finish this week. I don't have the luxury to read it at once because I have Andrea and of course my blogging time.


klivengood said...

i remembered when i was working in Manila. All my lady officemates were busy reading tagalog pocket books during lunch time. They said, it was like watching movie when they finish the whole story..nyaaaahaa. Ambot lang....wa jud ko madani ug basa kay dili jud hilig magsige ug basa anang mga love story pocket books. Kaa hinoong mga joke, joke pocket books, ah ganahan kaayo ko ana hahaha. pero pabasaha ko ug comics, kana ganahan ko especially mga heros and heroine, nya gwapo ang drawing para sa akoa, mubasa ko ana..nayyyy..mura bata, ngita pa ug drawing nga gwapo, pang motivate hahaha

Laiza said...

I can totally relate to your addiction???hehe I was also crazy over reading pocket books... Mine started with Nancy Drew way back in HS then M&B, Harlequin, Danielle Steel, Sheldon. And then I was absolutely hooked with historical romance novels..:) My favorite is Judith McNaught, I also love Jude Deveraux, Johanna Lindsay and many others..hehe. I've been through many sleepless nights reading them just like you. But I must admit that since I began my nursing career I've forgotten my old habit.. Wala lng talaga oras...hehe. Nice to meet pocketbook addicts like you.:)

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