Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Movie Meme: Water

For this week's theme of Monday Movie which is hosted by The Bumbles Blog, it is about movies that revolves around water. Share your favorite water based movies with us.

There are so many movies that I can list with this theme but I chose the ones that I like the most...

The Perfect Storm
One of the most amazing pictures of how storms looks like.

Mystic River
A great story about friendship and innocence lost.

Cast Away
Who couldn't remember the scene when Tom Hanks shouts "Wilson"

Men of Honour
One of my all time favorite movie. It is about succeeding against all odds.

The Guardian
A movie that in the end I will still keep on asking why.

As I saw the theme for this week, I couldn't dare to forget Little Mermaid. I just love this movie. Of course, as I love Johnny Depp's performance in all of the Pirates of the Carribean, I have to mention it too.


Chris said...

i like your list. have watched most of it...

Caspette said...

Men of Honor is that the one where he is a diver in the Navy?

I agree with all the picks. Good selection. Mine is here'

grace fancubit said...

hi lulu, I tried to post a comment at the bumbles blog but I cant. This is first time to join. Hope you can help me..

Anyway, thanks for the meme..

Grampy said...

The perfect storm I have watched several times.

Rache said...

Hi, my first time to join this Movie Meme. Nice list, I haven't seen Mystic River. I'll try to watch it this week. :)
Love The Perfect Storm too.

Here's mine.

shydub said...

Maypa ka diha lulu oi, sge ra mn tan aw salida, nanghugas na ba ka sa plato hehehehe. Sus lulu nakapanudlay na jd ko intawn kalooy sa diyos nga ako gi fuse ako blog. Nextmaningkamut ko makaligo bisag 1s a week lng waaaaaaaa. yucky kaayo sa.

DebbieDana said...

I've seen only 3 of them and im interested to watch the rest in your list... I'll check them out...tahnks Lu!

Anyway, this coming Wednesday late afternoon ang ultrasound ko, sana nga girl na para makumpleto na kami!

Ingat jan.

Debs :)

The Bumbles said...

Oooo - Mystic River! Excellent movie - terrific choice by you. Such a sad, haunting film.

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