Friday, July 17, 2009

Mommy Moments: Playing Time

mommy moments

Kids love to play. It is sad sometimes when you have an only child and nobody to play with. I am lucky though because sometimes, I keep Alexandra (Ging's daughter) for a couple of hours every week. When Alex is here with us, Andrea has somebody to play with that is close to her age. Usually though, Andrea will just play alone.

Andrea playing with her tea set. She would stir and pretends to eat using the fork and spoon.

Playing the blocks, she did this alone without any help. She was on the 9th stack when it fell because she couldn't reach anymore. Actually in this picture she already tiptoed.

She loves playing on glass coasters. She hides them but when you ask her where it is, she will get it for you.

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Cecile said...

Andrea is so cute! Busy playing; Jake has the same blocks as Andrea has :-); i like her pink toys.

Cacai M. said...

oi ka-cute ni Andrea momi.. sus noh mga bata dre ky buhong jud og mga dolaan.. I remember nga ayha ra ko kagunit og ingon ani nga mga dulaan b4 if kauli ako mama gkan Manila.. and it takes how many years.. hahahh!

SASSY MOM said...

I remember when my daughter was still as young, she used to love playing with those.

Your daughter is so adorable.

Jacris said...

Hi Lulu,Andrea is so cute.

Dhemz said...

sos pagka daghan sa toys ni andre...pahuwam sa uban...hhehehe...ka cute kaau ning imong dalaga mami lu...:)naka abot man jud diay ug 9..hehhehe...:)

Chris said...

very bright girl!

my kids also love to play with pots and plates and pretend cooking!

Genejosh said...

cute naman ng mga play things ni baby cutie lil dolly...

mine is here:

Our Adventures Together/
Her and History
Tasty Exploration

dubster said...

Ahhh ang cute naman ni andrea playing with her girly toys, pink kaayo hehehe. She is good mami lulu to be able to stack that blocks at her age. Jake iya ra mn donut and peg iya i stack ang blocks sa baba mn padulong.
Looy bitaw jd atong anak sa sila ra intawn mag play, may gani si lulu naaplaymate sometimes, pinas pa ni tua nani sa gawas atong anak nagtiniil hehehe

DebbieDana said...

Grabe, and cute naman! Nakakatuwang tignan talaga pag mga kids natin naglalaro na with their favorite toys! If only we live close to each other sana, Andrea and Daniel will be playmates, no? hehe!

Thanks for your comment about Daniel's little brother. We hoped for a girl, but we know this is exactly what God wanted us to have, so having another boy is a great blessing for us!!

Enjoy the weekend Lu!

Debs :)

hopeful said...

Nice toys ha, borrow pud ako bb's ana beh..

Rache said...

*blog hop*
I also feel bad that my little girl is playing by herself that's why I'm her usual playmate whenever I'm at home. nice picture of her playing blocks - what a smart girl!

Tetcha Gregorio-Figuerres said...

You're right about one thing, it's hard to see your kid play on his own because he/she has no siblings. Right now, my son's playmates are his classmates. They spend 30 minutes every morning playing as part of their curriculum.

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