Friday, July 3, 2009

Long Day

We woke up early today, as early as around 7am! For us that is really early! We usually wake up around noon but today is different - Mischa (and Ben) are stopping by on their way to Florence to spend their 4th of July with Mischa's Mom. We met up at Mom's for lunch.

We had Spaghetti and garlic bread for lunch... it is nothing special but it was really good! Mom's spaghetti is always good. Andrea had a blast with the spaghetti. We had so much fun watching her patiently putting the noodle on her spoon and eat it one by one. I think she knows we are having fun because she seems to be entertaining us.

It was great to see Mischa and Ben again. The last time we saw them was during our vacation in Mobile last April.

Hopefully, we will see them again on their way to Mobile on Sunday!


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