Thursday, July 9, 2009

Five Fingers

Obviously, we watched a lot of movies as you can read in my blog. I posted a lot of reviews already. We just loved watching movies. Thanks to redbox or we would have spent a lot in renting movies.

I like Laurence Fishburne. I think he did a very good and convincing act on his role. In this movie, the accent is really noticeable. This movie shows a lot of torture so if you are not up to it, I don't think you need to watch it. But if you like intense, suspense and a movie that will keep you thinking what will happen next.. this movie is one for you.

The ending of the movie is very unexpected! It will give you the "whoooaa" reaction....

Summary: While traveling to Morocco to initiate a food program of his own to help poor kids, the Dutch Martijn is kidnapped by a group of terrorists and his guide Gavin is executed in cold blood in front of him. Along the days, Martijn is tortured by a Muslin man and Aicha and looses four fingers. In the end, the truth about his travel is finally disclosed.


dubster said...

Grabe ka addict ug movies nimu inday, maynalng na nga lingaw sa ky sa shopping and bar hopping waaaaa. unsaonta mn naa mn ta sa mamingaw nga lugar, movies nalng kalingawan.

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