Thursday, July 23, 2009

EVEN (Book Review)

I just finished reading the book EVEN. It took me longer to finish it because I don't have the luxury to read it without interruption.

The first half of the book is fast-paced but at the middle it seems like it gets slow but then it picks up the pace until it ends.

The book is worth reading although it doesn't make me stop breathing (in anticipation). The book has its moments of suspense but it lacks more twists. For a debut work, this is worth praising.

My favorite statement in the book synopsis is "You don't get mad—you get EVEN". For the complete synopsis please click here.

Anyway, I almost forgot how much I enjoyed reading until I finished reading this book. Hopefully, I can now find enough time to read.


kittykat said...

maayo ka pa dear ganahan mag cge ug basa..ako mas prefer naku mag watch ug movie rather than read..tapulan ko ana..kahit sa school before I prefer to listen to the professors rather than read my books..mas absorbed naku..

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