Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yesterday's EENT Appointment

For the first time, we visited Andrea's EENT in the afternoon. There were more people waiting during afternoons compared in the mornings. But of course I can't complain as we were just given a favor to be seen in a short notice despite their full schedule.

We arrived at the clinic 30 minutes early. While waiting, I was able to observe other patients. While observing them, I feel so lucky. There were so many kids that has more problems than Andrea has. They have serious medical conditions that it makes me think how blessed I am that Andrea doesn't have a lot of medical needs compared to them. Sometimes, I tend to think that Andrea has so many ear infections already but seeing other patients made me realized that Andrea's condition is nothing but very common especially to kids who are born prematurely.

Anyway, yesterday they just suction Andrea's ear and sent the specimen to the laboratory. When the result will be there, they will just call me to discuss further treatment. For now, all I just need to do is wait for the result.

Meanwhile, I have to do ear irrigation 2-3 times daily. How to do irrigation? As instructed, I have to put 3ml of distilled water in a syringe. Squeeze it in Andrea's ear and let it drain well. Looks like weird isn't it? Why would you put water in a draining ear? Well, the nurse explained that by doing so it will help drain the fluid inside the ear. Oh well... the wonders of treatment...


Dhemz said...

hello Mami Lu? musta na ang akong gwafa nga amiga?

hope all is well...musta na ang imong gwafa nga Andre? wala ba sya nag irritated kung mag suction ka Mami Lu? Nako Mami Lu...korek ka jud...most preemies undergo serious medical treatments...maayo gani ning akong Akesha kay healthy....premature tawon ni sya ug 7 weeks...:) hoping na mahuman iya treatment asap...i think she will be ok.

Anonymous said...

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