Friday, June 5, 2009

Scrubs - Making Life Better

Scrubs is a magazine and a website that helps make life better for everyone. Scrubs is not only about clinical nursing, it is about anything and everything that matters to the readers. Scrubs, the nurse's guide to good living, is place where you can find career advices, success stories, beauty and fashion tips, and different ideas about relaxation after a long day of hard work.

We all know that the job of a nurse is very demanding. Sometimes, a nurse needs to work back-to-back shifts or extra long shift. The demand of their jobs make them look stressed out and it shows in their skin. Scrubs is giving some tips on how to wake up refreshed and feel younger. These are the tips:
  1. Get clean. Never go to bed with make up on because it clogs the pores.
  2. Moisturize. The skin needs pampering.
  3. Sleep right. It is better for the face to sleep on our backs.
  4. Be kissable. Always apply a lip treatment.
  5. Tame stray hairs. Invest on your hair. Ungroomed eyebrows makes you look older.
A nurse wears scrubs for work. Wearing a scrub at all times can be boring. A nurse can wear a scrub and still be stylish by wearing accessories and wear a great hairstyle. In order to look great in scrubs, it is important to get the right fit, wear those colors that complements your complexion, and never wear scrubs that are in poor condition, wrinkled or stained. In order to be fashionable even in scrubs, remember to visit a salon and get yourself a good color and haircut that is right for you.

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