Monday, June 1, 2009

Movie Meme: Show us your Collection

I think this week's topic is an easy one for me because we do have a lot of movie collection. SSSShhhh we do spend some money buying dvd's.

MOST VIEWED: Behind Enemy Lines, Shooter, Fracture

NEVER VIEWED: I don't think we have a dvd that we bought that we haven't seen. We always watched the DVDs that we bought. Although there are cases that we buy movies when it is on SALE for our collection even if we have seen it already (through dvd rental)

AFRAID TO ADMIT YOU OWN: I don't know... We are both proud of the DVDs that we own.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Tropic Thunder. I just love this movie. It makes me laugh every time I watched this.

MOST SHARED: There is Something About Mary. Our friends like this movie too.

WHY DID WE BUY THIS: The Right Stuff. Dave loves this movie so much that I have to buy this for him.

MOST TREASURED: Lord of the Rings (Collector's Set). This was the first movie marathon that Dave and I watched. We watched the series for 3 straight nights. The Bourne Series, we both love the excitement of this movie.

WILDCARD: Parent Trap. This was the first movie that I wish I could watch over and over again when I was younger. Dave bought me this DVD.

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The Bumbles said...

Oh - good to hear about Tropic Thunder - it just came in the mail from Netflix the other day!!!

I have a friend whose younger sisters would perform the scene from the Parent Trap where the sisters are singing for us every time we came over - they were obsessed with that movie!

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