Wednesday, June 10, 2009

EENT Appointment for Andrea

Andrea had ear surgery last February and since then she has not suffered any ear infection until recently. When we went to NJ we went to swimming. After the swimming, I noticed that her left ear was draining. I gave her ear drops but it didn't get rid of the ear infection so I called her EENT doctor for an appointment. Due to their volume of patients, the earliest he can see Andrea will be on June 24. Thankfully, the appointment desk transferred me to a nurse line and there I left a message if it is possible to see Andrea's doctor earlier due to her ear infection. The nurse was very nice to accommodate us for 3:30PM appointment today.

Dave will be at work as usual but Mom Lori will take us there. Andrea has been fussy these days because I am sure her ears hurt. Hopefully the medicine that will be given to her will work fast. (I am sure that the doctor will prescribe some antibiotics for her)


Arlyna said...

Lu, hope Andrea is feeling better. Those are not fun at all - especially when kids have it.

Dhemz said...

oh my Mami Lu...hope Andre will get better soon.

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