Monday, June 22, 2009

Dining @ Thai Emerald

Dave loves Thai food and I haven't tried Thai food. For Father's day we dined at Thai Emerald Restaurant. The place is very nice. They only have waiters (no waitresses) who wear black long sleeves. They are all nice and not pushy.

We ordered sweet tea for our drinks. On our way to the restaurant Dave and I were discussing how good the ice tea in the Philippines. When we got our drinks, we were so pleased because that was one of the best tea that we had here in the USA (It can't beat the Phils though).

For appetizer, we ordered Calamari. We always order calamari when we eat out. It is our little tradition to try calamari from different restaurant. So far, Thai Emerald has the best calamari ever! It is better than our favorite restaurant in Bohol.

For our main course I order superior sweet and sour shrimp while Dave ordered Cashew Chicken. The food was marvelous. We both love the way they cook their vegetables. It is half cook and still crunchy.

Their food presentation is good too... The place is nice... Andrea loved the fishes there... Even the outside decorations are very unique... We will surely come back to Thai Emerald.

Andrea checking the menu for french fries ( there was none, but there was rice so she is happy)

Cashew Chicken

Sweet and Sour Shrimp

Dave ready to eat his favorite dish

Andrea enjoyed watching the big fish... she wants to touch them


pehpot said...

Mommy penge naman nung sweet an dsour shrimp.. yum!

Make or Break

Dhemz said...

oh my....ka sweet sa asawa g treat man jud ang bana sa thai resto...hehehe...never been to a thai not exactly sure...pero murag wala pa jud...eejjeje!

musta na Mami Lu? have missed yah na woi...busy man jud kaayo imong lola pag lang ko naka update sakong blog intawon....musta man mo diha?

Enchie said...

love thai food. its a good experience mommy and happy father's day to your husband!

shydub said...

Mao ni ako gi ari dri sayo, tan aw ko mga hulagway ug, pagkaon during your fathers day celeb. Ka sweet jud aning mga asawaha oi, treating thier hubby like a king. pagkaswerti sa banana. Nagpalaway sd si lulu iya food dri, kalami ana oi. Wala ko ka pindot gahapon ky whole day mi sa amo lakaw, gabii nmi kauli. mamawi ko pindot apil mataako pindoton whohahahahehe. Happy monday sa tagbalay. adto sko sa uban ka tribu mamista whoa

Arlyna said...

Lu, never tried Thai food either. I don't even know if Montreal has good thai restaurants. The food looks yummy and Andrea is uber cute :)

Chris said...

it looks like a great family time!

yobib said...

i love calamari.. penge naman! hehehe

happy father's day to ur husband!

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