Friday, May 15, 2009

Yeah EC is back!

I have been disappointed that EC was down because since I joined EC I have been faithfully doing my drops. For two days in a row, I was wondering why my drops won't register at first day, so I thought it was just normal. On the second day, I noticed that nobody dropped on me, which is obviously impossible since I am faithful to my drops. I was glad that last night, the EC was back. Although, I visited some blogs already I visited them again just for the drops to be recorded.

I was lucky enough that my connection was fast. For few days I have been feeling frustrated with my internet connection. (This will be another story for sure!)

I am just happy that EC is back again... Time to bloghop then...


Dhemz said...

woi naunsa man diay ni si EC mommy Lu? hehehe...sowe ha kay absent man jud ko ka gahapon tawon...hehehe!

woi Mommy Lu, I am planning to make you another header...para naka mapilian...I will try to use the green background of your blog...okiems?

hala sige kay sleepy head nako..salamat sa dalaw ha!

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