Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A well-deserved vacation

After grueling months of daily homeworks, assignments, exams, and school projects, school year ends already. The kids will be able to take a break away from school. Parents will also experience a break from waking up early preparing everything, making sure that the kids will not be late to school.

I was just talking to my friend Lotlot and she told me how proud she is with her kids. Her kids finish the year with flying colors. Christine her oldest got an achievement award, the certificate was signed by no less than the President himself. She is the only one who got this award in the entire school. Her second daughter Michelle was in Honor Roll having an A average. Impressive isn't it?

She wanted to give the kids something for their efforts and for the job well-done. I suggested to her that she needs to bring her kids to Kissimmee as their reward for performing well in school. Lotlot does not know anything about Kissimmee so I told her about the wonderful water parks, the museums, the outdoor recreations, and all other possible things she and the kids can do while on vacation. Of all the things that I have told her, she likes the idea of bringing the kids to SeaWorld's Waterpark, Aquatica. Knowing her kids, I am sure they will have a blast splashing down a huge slide. They will also enjoy the Dolphin Plunge where they can get side-by-side with the Dolphins.

Lotlot and I were also talking about how I joined the Freedom to Enjoy Sweepstakes sponsored by Kissimmee. I encouraged her to join the sweepstakes for a chance to win a FREE Kissimmee vacation for her and her family.



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