Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tropic Thunder

We watched Tropic Thunder last night for the third time already. The first and second time that we watched it was when we rented it. After the first time that we watched it, I was having so much fun that we watched it again the following night. When we rented the movie it was good for two nights so we took advantage of it. After watching it the second time, we were convinced that we have to own a copy of the movie. Being a "kuripot" me as usual, when we checked the price it was above the price that I was willing to pay for a DVD. So for a few months we didn't buy it. The last time we went to blockbuster, there were pre-viewed movies that were 2/$10. I was excited that Tropic Thunder was on the rack so I gladly picked it (together with Indiana Jones Kingdom of Crystal Skulls) and bought 2 dvds for $10... which is really a good deal.

As usual even if we have seen Tropic Thunder two times already, we still have so much fun with the movie. The movie is for laughs and silliness. I swear this is one of my favorite movies. I love the way they introduces the casts of the movie. Ben Stiller who is the director of this movie really did well!

The shocking characters to look forward to this movie is Tom Cruise's character. I also enjoyed watching Robert Downey, Jr., he is such a good actor.

If you haven't seen Tropic Thunder, you should...


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