Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sunburn is a result of prolonged or so much exposure to the sun. When you go to the beach, go fishing, do yard work or even just out in the sun a person can get sunburn. I am one of those that get sunburn easily. Sunburn is literally a burn on your skin caused by ultraviolet radiation.

What I really hate when I am exposed to the heat of the sun is the fact that most of the times, prolong exposure to the sun gives me headache. For somebody who used to live in the Philippines, I sound ridiculous, but I can't do anything... I have been this way for so long. I remember how I always end up getting sick whenever I went to visit our pineapple farm but I have to endure it because it is our source of living.

Anyway, there are some things you can do to avoid getting sunburn.
  1. Wear brim hats, long sleeve and long pants.
  2. Use sun-blocking agents. The higher the SPF the more protection it has. Be careful in using sun-blocking agents with your little ones as some will irritate their skin.
  3. Some drugs can sensitize your skin, be sure to ask your doctor or pharmacist about it before going to the beach.
  4. Avoid sun exposure when you are drunk, alcohol can diminish your awareness of getting sunburned.
  5. Avoid tanning beds
  6. Stay inside (hahaha this will be effective for me!)


Arlyna said...

Lu, fortunately, never experienced having a sunburn. I try to cover myself up as much as I can. I get hives if I stay too long in the sun. Good advices for preventing sunburns. I always nag my boyfriend on applying skin protection especially when he plays golf. He doesn't tan but gets burnt.

Another advice too, for those people who are taking anti-hypertensive drugs and drugs that reduce cholesterol. They should be cautious of the sun, these meds tend to make the skin blotchy and itchy when exposed.

DebbieDana said...

That's what I'm worried about Daniel when we went to the Philippines. But with sunblock lotion and other creams, he really did great dealing with the sun exposure, di man lang siya nasunburn, buti naman.

I missed our chikkas, too! Oi, dalaga na si Andrea ah!

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