Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer Shopping

It is summer and it's time to go swimming. I really love swimming in the covered pool. I am not a very big fan of the beach unless it is night swimming. I don't like being under the sun very much. I am one of the few Filipinos that is allergic to the sun or perhaps I am just being prissy.

Anyway, I am ready for my summer shopping. Swimsuits for Andrea is the top of the list. Her swimsuits are too small for her now. She just grow so fast. I am also going to buy a swimwear for myself. Whenever I go to the pool I always thought that a lifeguard should wear a lifeguard swimsuit. I think that if they wear a lifeguard swimwear, they will be easily recognized.


Glenda said...

Oh i am so ready too ate! I just hope maging successful ako sa DIET ko so I can wear my swimsuits! LOL. exciting!

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