Friday, May 15, 2009

Stephen King in Kissimmee?

I am a big fan of Stephen King. He is known for his horror, fantasy and science fiction books. When I was younger, I indulged myself into reading his books instead of going out with friends. When I got older and have been exposed to different American movies, I have found out that some of his books have been made into movies. For me, Stephen King is a very talented writer. Stephen King has become a known personality in Hollywood.

There have been a lot of celebrity sightings in Kissimmee, Florida. I wonder if I could take a glimpse of Stephen King there. He owns a house in Sarasota, Florida so chances are, he would spend some time in Kissimmee too. I really wish that if I could ever go to Kissimmee for a vacation that I would be able to see him in person. Even just a glimpse from afar will satisfy my curiosity.

Do you have a favorite celebrity that you want to see in person? Celebrities have been sighted in Kissimmee, Florida. You need to take a vacation there and who knows your day of vacation is your lucky day to spot some Hollywood celebrities. If you cannot afford a vacation, enter Kissimmee's sweepstakes and get a chance to win a free weekend getaway. Drawing will be on June 1, 2009.



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