Thursday, May 21, 2009

Scrubs Magazine Site Review

I love reading anything that is educational and inspiring. When I found out about Scrubs Magazine, I got hooked unto it. I find myself reading all the different sections of this magazine and I am loving it. I specifically love reading the different stories and articles posted. This magazine (which is available online) is very informative at the same time entertaining.

I found the story "My Mom, the Nurse" very inspiring. For me, being a nurse is not just a plain job, it is a commitment and a calling. This article is written by Sandra Stritmatter, describing how it is growing up having a Mom who is a nurse. A nurse who despite having to work longer shifts at the local hospital never forgets her motherly obligation to her three children. She describes how her mother was always ready to help whoever is in need of medical consultation in the neighborhood. Her mother has been a great influence to Sandra's life that she also become a nurse herself. Now she understands better how her mother feels about her patients. She shares the same excitement and frustrations her mother once had.

Another interesting section of the Scrubs is the MD/RN section. Their most recent discussion is about tips on how to maintain patients' privacy.

There is so much that you can learn in Scrubs. This magazine is not just about clinical nursing, it is about personal and professional growth, career advice and inspiring stories, beauty and fashion tips and a lot more.



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