Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Andrea got a new toy... a piano. We noticed that Andrea likes to hear music and she dances when she hears one, so we thought that a piano will be good for her.

True enough, when we bought the piano she played with it endlessly. It is annoying in my part though to hear the meow music that she likes a lot. She loves her new toy. She keeps on dancing while the music is playing. Andrea got tired but she still wants to play so she became creative. She laid down and let her feet do the piano playing. I don't know where she learns it, but it worked.

The morning after, she woke up and play with the piano again. She discovered the microphone and when she used it, she got scared. I think she was not prepared of the different sound that it will make. I feel bad though because she ran away from it crying. She got so scared. But after few minutes she went back to the piano and play with it. She just didn't touch the microphone again.


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