Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Perfect Gift

Father's Day is fast approaching and I am thinking of a perfect gift for my brother. Yes, I know it is father's day but why I will be giving him a gift? You see, my brother Frony is more than a brother to me. He was a father, a brother, a friend, and a shopping buddy to me during my younger years. I basically grow up with my brother. When I live with him in Manila, he was always there for me. I was his pet (but shh that is supposed to be a secret).

For Father's Day I am giving him a Seiko SKA417P1 Men's Kinetic Titanium Gray Dial. I am sure he will like this because he loves fancy stuff and since this is a kinetic watch, he won't need battery replacement in the near future. I choose this watch for him because this is scratch resistant. Knowing my brother, I am sure he will flip if his expensive watch will have a scratch.

I am also giving my Tatay a watch that I am sure he will love. There are casio watches that will fit my Tatay's lifestyle. Tatay loves fishing so this Casio G9000-1V Men's MudMan G-Shock Strap Digital is perfect for him. He will not need to worry whenever he is fishing or he is working in his garden. This watch is both mud and water resistant.

As I was browsing the BlueDial website, I am so impressed with the variety of watches they are selling and of course, I love their free shipping promo.


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