Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nurse's Guide to Good Living

There are plenty of clinical nursing sites but Scrubs stands out. Scrubs, the nurse's guide to good living is inspiring, uplifting, and fun. This magazine tackles not only professional issues but as well as personal issues. It discusses the joys and challenges in the nursing profession. It also shares the rewards and triumphs a nurse has experienced. This is about everything and anything that concerns the busy life of a nurse.

As I mentioned, Scrubs is fun. Do you know somebody who deserves to be given something funny yet touching? Give that person a scrubby award and I am sure he/she will be delighted. Actually, I participated in "the scrubbies" and I made an award for my sister because she is doing so well in her studies. One more year and she will earned her nursing degree. I am sure she will be a great nurse.

I also like the Tip Jar in the Scrubs. Tip Jar is like an online mentor where it is always ready to answer different questions. It is where young people in the field of nursing will get different tips and ideas on their chosen profession.

Please check Scrubs online magazine and I am sure you can get a lot of very useful information.



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