Thursday, May 21, 2009

Movie Buffs

One of the many things that Dave and I have in common is being a movie buff. We love watching movies. We always watch movies even if it means re-watching some of them. Since we own quite a few numbers of DVDs, it is easy for us to watch our favorite movies anytime we want. Watching movies is one of our bonding moments.

When it comes to new releases we always make sure to rent at least one or two every week. We have been renting our movies at the outlet of Blockbuster near our place. One of the problems that I encounter when renting newly released movies are its availability and its two-day rental. Because of its unavailability, sometimes I will have to rent other movies instead of the ones I have been planning to rent and because of the limited number of days sometimes I am charged with late fees.

I am planning on joining BLOCKBUSTER Online because it will be easier to rent movies and I will be able to know right away if my preferred movie is available or not. I will no longer waste time in going to the store and not getting what I want. Besides, with Blockbuster Online, there will be no late fees and no extra charges for Blu-Ray. Blockbuster Online will be very beneficial for us.

If you are a movie buff like us and there is no Blockbuster store near your area, avail of the mail-only service provided by Blockbuster Online.



Chris said...

i am a movie buff too! :D

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