Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ironing - My Biggest Calvary

Ironing is my biggest calvary. I hate ironing since I can remember. I especially hate the traditional way of ironing where you have to use burning charcoal and ironed the clothes in a file of sheets. Ironing board was not a "has to have" item in our household. Ironing is a laborious job. Even after we bought an electric iron, I still don't do too well. I am only forced to iron when wrinkly shirts need it very badly. I remember that I only ironed clothes that we need to wear for church and that alone was a big job for me.

I am glad that I discovered about wrinkle free clothes. It works wonder for me. I just hang them after I get them from the dryer. I know that is a lazy thing to do but thankfully, my husband does not complain about it.

Honestly, I want to improve my ironing skills (or lack of). I think owning a good ironing board will be a big help for me to make ironing easy. The LifeStyle Wall Mounted Ironing Board is designed for easy Do-It-Yourself installation and can be mounted at any convenient height. This Fold-Away Ironing Boards will be perfect for me because it only takes minimal space.

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