Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday Night Out

We don't go to Lotlot as often as before. Things have change but I am happy for Lotlot. She has been busy with her life nowadays so we don't have a lot of time to play tong-its anymore. But tonight, she called us (Me and Ging) up if we want to come over. Of course we both answered "SURE".

Going to Lotlot always means eating Filipino food and playing cards. We always have fun. Andrea also loves the company of Lotlot's kids. They look so cute tonight, Andrea wanted to hang out with the "big kids" She is the youngest of them all ... but they all take care of Andrea. I think Andrea felt like a grown up because she never cried when she was with them. She was having a great time.

We went home around 2am. Ging has to hurry for she has work early Saturday morning.


Dhemz said...

woi...hahaha..grabi sad ha kay tag 2am naman makauli ug nilaag...hehehe!

maayo ra jud ka diha MOmmy Lu kay naa kay maalagan..walay pics diha? hehehe! joke!

woi miss to be here na jud tawon woi..pastilan ning akong lappy kay kabutuhon naman tawon ni...hehehe!

woi ako temp na gamit kay 2 electric fan...hehehe...ako man nuon botoran ani mommy lu woi...hehehe!

wala nako g follow imong recommendation kay kapuyan man sad ta hawid kung paduol sa freezer...hahaha....joke...nag work ba sa imo?

need man jud ni sya ug air compressor...kay need nasad ni siguro ug limpyo...hehehe!

salamat tuod sa paglabay ha....miss you!

Joops said...

Hi Ms. Lulu, just visiting and wondering if we could xlink? Please let me know.. Thanks!

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