Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dining @ El Cazador

El Cazador (obviously) is a Mexican Restaurant near our area. We went to have dinner their last Saturday, the day before Mother's day.

When I first got here, I can't stand Mexican food. But after a while, I got used to it and now I love it.

El Cazador is one of our favorite Mexican restaurant. Their waiters and waitresses are all very nice and of course the food is awesome. I usually order chili relleno when I eat at any Mexican place, but last Saturday, I made a different order. I order something with grilled chicken, a grilled steak and veggies with shrimp. I know that was a big order but I wanted to have a doggy

As usual we had an excellent food. Andrea was enjoying cracking the chips and giving it to her Nana (she looks like she is feeding her Nana). Of course we love the chips and the cheesedip!

Andrea eating the chips while pointing at her order

Andrea sipping Mango Margarita
(Guys, don't worry this has no alcohol, the waiter was even shocked when I ordered mango margarita without alcohol)


Madz said...

hiya dear, ka cute ani nga bata uy... is she ur daughter ba? sorry ha wla nako ka remember if naa ka daughter...

Sensya na jud nga talagsa ra ko visit ha kay kapoy nman jud tawn, can't stay long na jud of sitting down..

Uy ako baby karon kay naglihok jud, active kau sya uy.... lisod na jud tawn ko tulog, don't have much sleeping position now except lying on my back kay bug-at na kng magtakilid ko hehehheeh... then lingaw kau Ams kay most mornings na karon nga inig mata nako momata pod sya then mag yawn na sya, feel jud nako... feels so amazing, then play dayon ko MP3 sa ako tummy... dvaaa naa sya award sa iyng magmata inig mata sa iya mommy. hehehehe

Have a wonderful day, hugs & kisses... God bless, mwah mwah

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