Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dancing with the Stars Season 8

The finalist of Dancing with the Stars Season 8

Tonight was the finale of Dancing with the Stars Season 8. Shawn Johnson, 17 year old, olympic medalist was the winner. Okay, I admit... I was disappointed. I wanted Gilles Marini to win the contest because for me he dances so well compared to any of them. Gilles had the most number of perfect scores than any of the contestants. Although they went back to zero during the final episode, I still think Gilles is a better dancer. Shawn Johnson can dance but I just don't think that she is better than Gilles.

Oh well....


Doug Kueffler said...

You may notice that Samantha Harris always says, "America's FAVORITE Celebrity Dancer." When we reach the semi-finals, the really good dancers remain, and it becomes a popularity contest. America loves Olympic Gold Medalists, especially young females. And I think the popularity of the professional partner comes into play as well. For that reason, I also thought that Gilles Marini would win, as Cheryl has been a very popular two-time winner.

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