Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blogging from Killen, Alabama

This is our second day in Killen. I have had fun. I enjoyed walking around Dad and Jan's yard. The fruit trees are fruiting and the flowers are blooming. It has been raining since yesterday but it doesn't stop me from roaming around outside. I love the feel of the rain. It is not heavy so I can just go out and look at everything. Andrea and I had fresh strawberries from the vine. Too bad, we were too late.... the cherries are all gone. The bird got all of it. Perhaps the bird does not know we are coming that is why the bird didn't left any.

We all have a great time. Andrea is in her best of moods. Last night, we watch Slumdog Millionnaire with Dad and Jan. We have seen it already but since they haven't we decided to rent it for them. Good thing there is Red Box at their local walmart so we saved for the m
ovie rental.

I will post some pics when I will have the time..... Happy Weekend everyone!


Hi! I'm Grace said...

I had seen partial of Slumdog Millionaire... wanted to see all of them.
Have a happy and safe vacation there in Alabama.
Happy Memorial Day! :)

klivengood said...

Hi Lulu, thanks for visiting back. Yeah, me too, i am not active anymore at WOF. read my latest post so you will know why i was not there anymore.

amiable amy said...

Hello Lulu, musta na ang Alabama? Grabe ulan dito and thunder kagabi. Musta dyan? Post the pictures ha.

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